Bodyboss Method Review

Body boss method review

We all want to appear slim and get confident wearing a bikini. This need has made many people take advantage and come up with all kinds of fitness programs. Not all of these products are effective. They are expensive and don’t give you value for your money. One of these products is the Body Boss method. Let us justify our claims with this Body Boss Review.

What is Body boss method?

This is a system that provides you with videos as well as educational resources to help you lose weight. They claim that you will lose weight after twelve weeks. Unlike other programs, this does not offer individualized programs.

They offer a guide to anaerobic workouts, meal plans and HIT programs all at a cost. They ask you to register to receive digital downloads of the different methods to burn calories. They also encourage men to enroll in the program.

How much does it cost?

You need $ 50 to get the online edition. This price is exaggerated for you to access the pdf guide. You cannot compare this price with other programs such as Jen Ferrugia Bikini Body workouts.

Does body boss method work?

This depends on your initial body weight. This work out would be effective for people who are not struggling with excess weight. People who need to lose lots of weight would not notice any difference from body boss workout.

Other disadvantages

Most users complain that the workouts are boring and demotivating. They are not as easy to follow as other programs due to complicated guidelines. It is not anything different from the regular exercises they offer in the gym. You also need to purchase training equipment such as yoga mats, dumbbells, and a timer. This means more expenses for you.

Most of the consumers complain of side effects such as exhaustion, dehydration, and injuries despite the Body boss claiming that their workouts are safe. The fact that you can find most of their methods online for free does not make them any special.

Is there any alternative?

Yes. If you need to lose some pounds, we prefer you enroll in Jen Ferrugia Bikini body workouts. You get more training programs than body boss method offers. For instance, bikini body workouts provide a workout guide, a nutrition guide, online exercise videos and a booty blast.

What are the prices of these categories?

There is a lot of difference when it comes to the prices of each group. For instance, the nutritional guide, supplement lists, interactive workout and shopping list from Jen Ferrugia Bikini Body work out are all free.

You only pay for the 12-week workout at $ 30 which is cheaper than the $ 50 of Body boss method. Body mas gives you a nutritional guide at $ 40 while bikini body workout offers the same at no cost. The total cost of Bikini body workouts is $ 30 while you pay $90 for the total package offered by Body boss. Do you notice the difference?

Bottom line

From the above, you can tell that Body boss method is not the best programs to help you lose weight. You will be wasting so much while you can get them some of the programs for free on Jen Ferrugia Bikini Body work out.


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