Reviews of MovieStarPlanet

Reviews of MovieStarPlanet

As an older sister, I do not suggest this game. You see, my sister who’s 8, plays with this. I believe that it isn’t a safe place for kids under about possibly 15. I recall when I used to play with it and I quit because of all of the sensual, gross articles. 1 evening while she was playing with it, I spoke to my father about why she shouldn’t play MSP. I advised her to get off this match, and play with something different. The outfits can be quite upsetting, and activities can also. It is really dumb having to be treated just like bull as soon as you join. There’s not any security, I’d recommend Animal Jam for your ages 7-13.
My child adores this match but I left her stop for motives: 1, the VIP, once I said No to allowing her have the membership threw a 5 year-old match. 2, this individual messaged her stating”want to create some infants” clearly the individual desired sex. 3, the animations could be disgusting, MY DAUGHTER GOT A TWERKING ANIMATION! 4, ppl pretending to smoke and drink from the dreadful picture chatrooms its just awful. If u want to allow your kid get highly hooked on this and traumatized Due to This game then GO AHEAD
The website has among the greatest moderation support for children.
The website has among the greatest moderation service for children. Although children can be mean sometimes, the website strives to guarantee safe and surroundings.

This website concentrates too much on acquiring a boyfriend. Girls could be independent also…
Big tear off on and taking benefit of young kids and tweens

My granddaughter got hacked on this website and dropped countless diamonds celebrity coins I purchased her on a three day Easter unique that was presumed to comprise 1 year VIP standing to begin when her present year ran . She didn’t receive any of all the things which I paid for because when she obtained her diamonds someone managed to hack into her accounts using a 30 character alpha numerical upper and lower case password. Customer support together is an insult and also poor joke. I asked me 3 days to send them the receipt, which I did originally and was in the email trail. They then discovered their particular receipt emailed from them to me personally dumb and asked to get a bank statement. I eventually sent a photo with my account number blacked out since I truly believe this hacking arises from within their company. How else did somebody know she’d just received countless diamonds and celebrity coins? They had been depleted within minutes while she did password affects 5 occasions. Every time she got booted from the website and that I could see someone with her account since I was logged on as a different user. Each of their answers are all canned to deny, belittle the consumer, and prevent any obligation. They insist it’s not possible for users to have hacked, nevertheless there are countless who report accordingly. They insisted that my granddaughter gave her password to somebody, which never occurred. They then said the 5 thing Easter special package did not include VIP status, making it did however 3 weeks later as it was likely to kick was impossible to establish. A lot of the content is age improper and preys on the worse insecurities and anxieties of pre-teens. It is a bad way to run a company using young children and refusing to deal with the critical problems with their website.

Do not do it! We compensated for VIP 55.00 bucks. Once we purchased it, my daughter got her accounts hacked subsequently suspended, then permanently suspended. Administrators are from Europe and don’t care.

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It is a fairly great match, but MSP is not a really fantastic game for young kids.

I have played MSP for a long long time (incidentally, I’m 15.) And because I have lasted to play it kind of stunned me how the match is guided for young children. The garments are extremely old and tramp-y. You will find brief dresses dresses and even bras which you’re permitted to wear. Some users behave really sensual. They ask for gender, cuss, work, and also do other improper acts like this. There’s a small risk of being hacked. This is not much of a issue, considering the only way that you can definitely get hacked is if you talk about your password. Overall I recommend this to ages 14 and up. Get MSP Free VIP.